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LUMii OPTii Reflector

The LUMii Optii is a closed-ended lightweight reflector, which allows for more intense, focused light. Just like the LUMii Maxii and LUMii Minii reflectors, the LUMii Optii includes a unique lamp holder that is adjustable and designed to fit both HPS and Metal Halide lamps, as well as a range of other HID bulbs.

All earth requirements are incorporated into the lamp holder itself; this safety feature means that there is no need for additional components. The LUMii Optii reflector is supplied with two hanging hooks, all necessary fittings and a 4m IEC cord set. It is easy and fast to assemble, simply attached 2 bolts and you’re done!


Height: 225mm | Width: 300mm | Length: 390mm