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Test Chamber

Our testing chamber is built to be robust and hard waring so we can conduct repeated experiments ensuring that the only variable is the lamp itself. The chamber is painted in light absorbing matte black, ensuring (as much as possible) that we are only measuring the light falling on the sensor.

It is complete with a grid system with 25 reading points. Each point offers a central reading point to help us conduct repeatable, accurate tests. measuring the light falling on the sensor.


The Equipment

In order to provide the most comprehensive and accurate results possible, we have used the best equipment readily available to us to conduct the testing.

The equipment we used:

• LUMii BLACK Electronic Ballast
• LUMii BLACK Reflector
• LI-COR LI-250A Meter (for PPFD measurements)
• Testo 545 Meter (for LUX readings)
• UPRtek MK305S (for spectrum tests)


Ensuring Best Practice

A fundamental part of all our research is to ensure that all testing is done with integrity, professionalism and with as much scientific rigour as possible. To do this, we ensure testing is done fairly and as comprehensively as possible – as a consequence of this our findings should provide the most accurate and real-life results possible.

We continue to utilise the best equipment possible alongside the most skilled technicians within our team, to show that We Know Light.
Each test was conducted using the same ballast and reflector setup, so there was no skewing of results/performance by using differing testing equipment. The ballast and reflector were set up in well ventilated testing area and was allowed to cool down properly after each lamp was comprehensively analysed.

All spectrum test reports were produced using the UPRtek MK305S at 0.85m, to ensure consistent and industry quality results.